Our Cultivating Health Ministries Project

Diabetes, and its life-limiting complications, is a top health issue in McHenry County; and is increasing in those most like to have this disease, LatinX & Older Adults. While many area agencies/health professionals are already addressing the problem, the Cultivating Health Ministries initiative raises the bar by bringing together partners that have been working separately to create a proactive partnership that will reduce the health disparities for these populations. Led by Elizabeth Rios, APRN and Nathan Kakish, M.D., this provides countywide access to screenings, education, resources and health transformation services in churches instead of clinics or medical offices.

The Partners:

  • Community Crosswalk, NFP

  • Advocate-Aurora Health System

  • The McHenry County Department of Public Health

  • The Illinois Migrant Council

  • The McHenry County PEARLS program

  • Garcia Nutrition Services

  • Epilepsy Health Management

  • The Harvard Community Senior Center

The Goals:

  • Create 10 Health Ministries delivery systems with supportive activities that integrate social care and health care activities at churches/houses of worship

  • Provide evidence based programs and community based supportive services to 650 Older Adults/LatinX individuals through Health Church sites

  • Reduce A1C levels and/or Weight and/or Hypertension in 70% of program completers

  • Maintain A1C levels and/or Weight and/or Hypertension in 40% of program completers at 1-year post program follow up.

Thanks to support from the Community Foundation for McHenry County, Social and Spiritual Community Care IS Health Care